Tomato Hornworm Fun

Now I know most of you probably wouldn’t associate “fun” with a Tomato Hornworm but you should! Just keep reading to see how much fun can be had with a Hornworm or two…

The other day, DB discovered that something had been annihilating one of our jalapeno plants.

TH1Which is strange, because most pests leave the spicy peppers alone. Perhaps it gives them heartburn? After a little close looking, we found these fellows indulging in a spicy snack:

TH2 TH4 TH3Naturally, at this point, we figured that we would let the girls play with them. Because what better toy/pet is there than a squidgy, stretchy Tomato Hornworm?

Aug.30.15.2 Aug.30.15.3 Aug.30.15.4 Aug.30.15.5 Aug.30.15.6We even had to take them over to our neighbor’s house so that she could see the Hornworms’ awesomeness. She was suitably impressed with their magnitude.

After an hour or so of some pretty ferocious “play,” the Hornworms were looking a bit worse for the wear so DB “set them free” on the other side of the fence. Most likely they got eaten by birds or scorched by the sun, but at least they’re not on our plants any more.

And now you know what to give away as party favors at your next kiddie birthday party. All the other moms will thank you, I just know it.

2 thoughts on “Tomato Hornworm Fun

  1. Oh my goodness, I hadn’t seen a pic of LB in a while! What a gorgeous girl!!! Love her outfit! And BIT is as adorable as ever, growing up so fast…

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