Asheville Trip Recap

This past week, the DreadBrewer and I were lucky enough to get away to Asheville for a few days, sans kids. It was amazing to have a chance to spend some extended time together, just the two of us and yes, we thanked my dad and Grandma Kathy profusely. We are so, so lucky to have family nearby who is willing and able to help. Between Dad and Kathy and the DreadBrewer’s mom, we couldn’t ask for better grandparents.

While we were in Asheville, DB and I did some reckoning and figured that this year was our 7th trip to Asheville out of the past 8 years. (We missed last year because we were busy with, you know, that whole new baby thing.) And for the last three years, we’ve stayed in Asheville Cottages, which is the most amazing, wonderful, clean and comfortable place to stay in Asheville. If you’re ever in the area and looking for somewhere to stay with all of the comforts of home – but better – then you definitely need to check them out.

This is the view from the back deck of the Poplar Cottage at Asheville Cottages:
And this is, in ten quick snaps, a summary of how we spent our time in Asheville:

Drinking Shiva IPA at Asheville Brewing

Drinking Escape Artist Pale Ale at Asheville Brewing

Having a Freak of Nature DIPA at Wicked Weed

Indulging in a Napoleon Complex IPA at Wicked Weed – home of more IPAs than you can shake a stick at

Iron Rail IPA at Wedge Brewing

Having a WitBier at Wedge

An IPA and a Raspberry Chocolate Stout at Lexington Avenue Brewing (LAB)

The world’s fanciest gin and tonic at Curate Tapas Bar

Some rose – one get’s a little beered out after 4 or 5 days, you know

Back to Wicked Weed for an Abbey Dubbel

We’ve said that next year we’re definitely bringing the girls, even though that means curtailing our consumption of amazing brew (the horror!), because there are so many awesome family activities in the Asheville area. And we missed the little buggers when we left them behind. It’ll be a definite change of pace for us, but one I’m sure my liver will appreciate.

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