Here we go again – C25K, take two

It is slightly galling to me that I’ve gone from running 5K races (and placing!) every few weeks to needing to start the Couch-to-5K program again.

No, scratch that. It is extremely galling to me.

Yes, I had a baby between then and now. Yes, two kids leave a lot less time for running. Yes, I should be glad that I manage to get out for a run jog intermittent shuffle as often as I do.

But I want to be a runner again. I miss being able to get out there and go. I know how much happier I am when I do that for myself.

So I’ve started the C25K app – again – and have my eyes set on the Commitment Day 5K on 1/1/16. I’ve made a page where I can report on my progress (or lack thereof) and anyone who’s interested can keep an eye on me.

And I’ll be sure to post pics in January, as I (hopefully) jubilantly cross the finish line.

Because I know I can do this.

3 thoughts on “Here we go again – C25K, take two

  1. So, how’s it going? I did C25K after 28 years without sport… Still running now. It has become my “me time” – we mums need to get out on our own, and running is the answer to clearing my mind, thinking up new posts for the blog and running out any bad temper that’s hanging out in the wings….

    • Honestly, it’s been kind of slow going. Not to make excuses, but I start work at 9 am one week (great for making it to the gym before work) and 8 am the next week (much more difficult). Factor in the rain and cold last week and it was a complete no-go. But, this week will be better! And I will figure out a way to exercise on my early weeks – because I need that time to myself!

      • It’s not easy to carve out time for yourself – particularly when your kids are smaller. I tried getting up very early to run a few times before work – ommigod. I only run after breakfast at the weekend now. The rest of the week, it’s later in the day (but now it’s winter it’ll be harder getting out there before night falls. Agggg). Otherwise there’s always the treadmill, but the whole point of running is to get out of the house, and I got thrown off the damn thing the I tried it. Never again 😀

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