2015 State Fair Fun!

Like I mentioned in my C25K update yesterday morning, yesterday was mine and LB’s 2nd annual Mommy-Daughter Day at the NC State Fair. (I figure BIT will start tagging along next year and then it will be Girls’ Day at the Fair.) We had SO much fun!!!!!! It was insane how much more the Littlest Brewster got out of the fair this year compared to just a year ago.

By the end of the day, my little locust had consumed (with, ahem, a teeny tiny bit of help from me): a muffin and hot cocoa at Starbucks, chicken tenders, french fries, cotton candy, a lemonade, a sundae in a cone (she hates ice cream cones, so I had to help her out with that part), a corn dog, a Sprite (which was a first for her – she wasn’t so sure about it), and then she ate a cheese stick and a fruit cup at Target. (!!!) I guess walking almost 10,000 steps while trudging from one end of the fair to the other will really work up an appetite!

And speaking of rides, LB is officially a ride junkie. In addition to all the rides pictured, we also rode her first roller coaster and something where we lay on our stomachs and swooped around in the air like we were flying, as well as quite a few other “spin in circles rapidly” rides. I was worried she would be scared on the fast/high rides but she loved them. Lesson learned: buy the discounted ride tickets ahead of time next year to get more bang for my buck. Granted, having her count out the tickets and decide how she wanted to “spend” them was a good beginning lesson in economics.

I think that every year is just going to get more awesome, until teenage-dom hits and then perhaps she will be too cool to go with her mom. But we’ve got a decade of fun ahead of us before that’s even a possibility.

Though given the small fortune I shelled out yesterday for all the fun, I don’t know if I can afford a decade of fun. Better start saving for next year!

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