First Brew Day Of The Season

Saturday, we managed to successfully launch the 2015-2016 brew season by whipping up a batch of Tarbaby’s Vanilla Coffee Stout. (Well, given that beer has to ferment to turn into beer, there is actually no “whipping up a batch.” But that sounds better than “started the 4 to 6 week process to get a batch,” don’t you think?)

Both DB and I were a little rusty when it came to getting things set up and remembering where we had stored all the brew equipment over the summer, but we got back into the swing of things fairly quickly. Quickly enough that we actually managed to get the beer brewed, cooled, and racked and get all the equipment cleaned and put away before the girls woke up from their naps – which is really all any homebrewer with children can ask for.

It was definitely an adventure trying to brew while the girls were running around, pre-nap, but everyone made it through the day. Though next time, we may try to get them fed and down for naps before really starting the boil, as the lunch/potty/book/nap process coincided with a late LME addition and a few other additions that were a little difficult for DB to manage solo.

Here are some pics from the day:

And look to our new BCB 2015 roster for the quick recipe, if you’re interested in mimicking the awesomeness that is Tarbaby’s Vanilla Coffee Stout.

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