Sparkly Sneakers

I wanted to share with all of you how we gussy up the $8 sneakers from BJs and get the Littlest Brewster excited about wearing them.

The character shoes and the pre-sparkled options are RIDICULOUSLY expensive; I refuse to pay $30 or more for something my kid is going to tear up and outgrow in 3-6 months. But the less expensive options are usually less exciting than the costly versions. So we figured out how to make the plain sneakers fun – with puffy paint!

Shoes 1 As you can see in the above photos, the shoes we buy are the “boy” shoes and are pretty utilitarian. But slap on some pink, gold, and purple puffy paint and you’ve got some amazing “princess sneakers” that LB loves.

Shoes 3

LB’s first time wielding the puffy paint – she was very proud

The three tubes of puffy paint we use have decorated at least 4 pairs of sneakers, a backpack, and a lunchbox and are still going strong. Not a bad return on less than $10 at the craft store. And the Littlest Brewster is proud to have shoes that are different than anyone else’s that she decorated all by herself.¬† And to top it off, it’s been helpful for having her get her own shoes on in the mornings, because she knows the flower shoe goes on her left foot and the octopus shoe (yes, we painted an octopus on the other shoe) goes on her right foot.

So the next time you refuse to pay the extra money for character sneakers (or backpacks or lunchboxes or lots of things for that matter), just slather on some puffy paint and some glitter and you’re good to go!


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