Further Garden Insanity

Dec.12.15.9Yep, that’s the DreadBrewer tilling for another row (“Our last! I promise!” says he) of garden beds.

(Like how we’ve put BIT and LB to work combing for rocks?)

AND, that’s another potato bed to the left of DB. Building it with Daddy gave the girls an opportunity to hone their power tool skills, because we all know it’s never to early to start that process.

Dec.12.15.8 Dec.12.15.7We also managed to finally – finally! – expand our compost bin system. For anyone who is thinking of making their own compost bin, please learn from our mistake and make a three part bin from the start. If we had taken a moment to think about it, obviously we would have to have a bin for to throw fresh compostables in, a bin for the compost that’s composting, and a bin for the compost that’s ready. But we didn’t and we limped along with two (1 1/2, really) compost bins for a few years.

But no more!

Compost Bin 2015Thanks in large part to DB’s mom for watching the girls while we screwed it together (Thank you!!!), we finally have a three bin system. And I can finally start composting again! It’s really galling to trash lovely compostable things because the bins are full or resting or out of commission.

Now all we have to do is assemble the new beds. For these new ones, our plan is to put hardware cloth along the bottoms like we do for the potato beds. Hopefully this will thwart the little bastards voles in our garden and they will wave the white flag and move on to greener pastures elsewhere.

And then we will be done expanding the garden.

Stop laughing! DB promised these were the last four beds. I really believe him this time!

Kind of…

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