You might be a fun dad if…

You see your daughters doing this:

Jun.19.16.3 Jun.19.16.4

And rather than saying “No! Don’t do that – you’ll ruin the lawn!” you say, “You want mud? I’ll make you mud.

Jun.19.16.5 Jun.19.16.6

I had no idea that there were such high standards to be met before a mud puddle was deemed acceptable, but apparently there are. After 15 minutes or so of hard work, the DreadBrewer deemed the mud puddle up to par and ready for the girls’ enjoyment.

And enjoy it they did.

Jun.19.16.7 Jun.19.16.10

LB and BIT were so happy with their mud puddle that Daddy made them. It actually kept them occupied for more than 5 minutes (and closer to 60), which is a miracle in my eyes. And when they were done, we just stripped ’em down and hosed ’em off.

Now I think that’s one fun daddy.

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