Annual Myrtle Beach Trip

We just got back from our annual Myrtle Beach trip – I was mistaken when I told some of my coworkers that it was my family’s 30th year going to Cherry Grove for a week in August. Turns out that it’s our 32nd year going. Which is pretty crazy.

I think it’s absolutely awesome that my siblings and I make such an effort to schlep our families to Sea Marsh I every August – especially since Jessie and John bring their three little ones across the whole country to come and spend some time with the extended clan. We only have a three hour drive, which sometimes seems like a journey of 1000 miles given the “supplies” we need to pack for said journey.

I put together some of my favorite pictures from the week (which admittedly feature my kids the most but we all know I’m biased…).

First up – sporting brand new shades courtesy of Buppa and Grandma Kathy. Unfortunately, they were a little too big for BIT but she loved them anyway.

Myrtle Beach 2016 (12)

In an attempt to keep my early birds from waking up all of the other kids (and thus incurring the wrath of my siblings and their spouses), we joined Grandma Kathy and Buppa every morning on the beach around 6:05 to watch the sunrise. This also gave me the opportunity to have a cup of coffee in relative peace as the girls ran around like idiots on the deserted beach.

Myrtle Beach 2016 (8)

It also let me get some pretty awesome pictures of the sunrise/beach in the morning.
Myrtle Beach 2016 (7)

And it let LB and BIT do some extra exploring of the seashore, including investigating some dead jellyfish. We decided they felt like giant boogers. Myrtle Beach 2016 (9) One of my patients said, “I guess you won’t be wearing a bikini this year, huh?” And I was like, “Why not!?!?” If you think that I am going to cram myself into a maternity tent bathing suit when I am 7 months pregnant and even hotter than usual, you are out of your mind. I rocked the baby bump. Myrtle Beach 2016 (3) Jessie and I got to enjoy a much needed girls’ night out. It’s always good to spend time with my BFF. Myrtle Beach 2016 (13) Buppa was infinitely patient when it came to being crawled upon and pummeled by small fists, all in the name of “play.” Far more so than I ever am. Myrtle Beach 2016 (11) Story time with my kiddos and Jessie’s clan. Baby Brother (as her kids call him) is too cute! Myrtle Beach 2016 (10)For once, we got a reasonably decent family picture where everyone is looking at the camera and no one is actively grimacing.
Myrtle Beach 2016 (5) One of my favorite pictures of the week. I wish I had been able to take it with my camera instead of my phone but oh well. Myrtle Beach 2016 (4) For our last night, we took our clan out for dinner by the water. It was hot but fun. The girls loved watching the bridge open and close for big boats. Myrtle Beach 2016 (2) Myrtle Beach 2016 (1)

And my absolute favorite picture of the whole week, also courtesy of a 5:45 wake up time –

L & M

I have a code for a free big print from Shutterfly and I can’t wait to get it and get this framed. 🙂

Every year, we have such a good time (even with the minor – okay, major – annoyances of children not listening and not napping and not eating their dinners like good little girls and boys) that I can’t wait until next August. I love love love that my kids are getting to grow up at the same beach I grew up on. If only they still had the lemon ice lady parading up and down the beach, it would be perfect.

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