3rd Pregnancy Update – Almost 32 weeks

I’ve realized something that everyone else has probably known forever – the more kids you have, the less free time you have to contemplate your current pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant with the Littlest Brewster and I had all the time in the world to sit and contemplate the miracle occurring inside me. Even with BIT, I had opportunities to really focus on and prepare for the arrival of our second child.

Honestly, there are times with this pregnancy that I forget I’m pregnant. And I’m not lying. It completely slips my mind, particularly on the days that I’m feeling really good. Until I accidentally whack the belly into something or try to bend down and pick something up and I’m like, “Oh wait! I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant!” We have done absolutely nothing to prepare for the arrival of Wally. (Well, technically you can count moving BIT to a big girl bed and freeing up the crib as preparation, if you discount the fact that we then promptly turned the crib into a spot for storing spare linens.)

My big goal for the next two weeks is to make some serious strides on clearing the extra junk out of the bonus room (aka Wally’s room) and figuring out a place to put the things that he/she is going to need, like clothes and diapers. (On a side note, a coworker asked me in all earnestness what theme we were going with for the nursery. I wanted to laugh but I managed to restrain myself.) I also want to get out all of the bottles, etc and see what parts are still good and what parts need to be replaced. I feel like that is doable, right?

Other than being forgotten, how is this pregnancy going? Well, I’ve had lots of good days but there have also been some serious trials and tribulations over the last 4-ish weeks. Not necessarily pregnancy related, but when they have come one after the other and my reserves are low from being very pregnant, it’s been a little rough.

First I nearly sliced off the end of my pinky finger with our mandoline. Now, with my platelets already low due to pregnancy, it took nearly 2 hours for the bleeding to stop when I did it. (I really needed stitches but refused to go to the ER out of stubbornness, which I’m sure will surprise absolutely no one.) Then I had one of docs at work check it out the next day, who insisted I go to our work ER anyway which took forever and essentially ended up in them doing nothing but slapping some steri-strips on it, giving me a Tdap, and sending me on way with Keflex. However, I then started to get a granuloma at the laceration site, prompting a visit to a hand specialist to have that burned off. All in all, it was nearly 2 weeks of pain and irritation dealing with this nonsense, all because I didn’t use the safety guard for the first time ever . 

Then I got this weird blistering rash on my left hand and arm that no one at my OB’s office could figure out. The 3rd doctor to give an opinion on it decided that he thought it was a strange presentation of shingles, wrote me a prescription for Valtrex, and sent me on my way. After I’ve already informed work that I’ll be out for a few days (immunocompromised patients + active shingles = very, very bad combination), the OB calls and suggests I swing by the dermatologist to have a section scraped and microscopically examined. Which was painful but at least had the happy result of confirming I didn’t have shingles but instead was having a very bad case of contact dermatitis from poison ivy. Never mind that I have absolutely no clue where or when I could have possibly came into contact with poison ivy, but at least I didn’t have to take days and days of work. I declined the prescription for steroids, even if it would have cleared up the rash more quickly because I just didn’t feel like adding another pill to the mix.

Then I started having some back pain and thought I had pulled something, but that apparently was just the warning sign that I was about to come down with a raging UTI. Over the course of a day at work, I went from feeling a little off to thinking that I was going to die with back pain and lower abdominal cramps. Luckily, I was able to get checked out by our lab and call my OB to let them know that I did indeed have a UTI and they were able to call in yet another prescription for antibiotics.

Two days after starting my antibiotics, I’m feeling like a new woman, thinking all the bad stuff is behind me. And then I actually do pull a muscle in my back, rather badly.

So I’ve spent the last two days hobbling around and feeling very sorry for myself, something I typically try not to do but it’s been a rough month.

But I’m doing my best to be optimistic that this rough patch is almost over and the rest of the pregnancy is going to be smooth sailing.

On that note of sunshine, here’s the most recent belly picture:

31.5 weeks

31.5 weeks

For comparison, here are pics of me at the same point with LB & BIT –

32 weeks with BIT

32 weeks with BIT

32 weeks with LB

32 weeks with LB

I had sort of felt like I was carrying exactly the same with this pregnancy, leading me to feel like this is probably another girl but comparing pictures makes me think that maybe I am carrying differently after all. But it could be that, as I’ve explained to DB, my abdominal area is like a hammock that’s been sat in repeatedly and that could the reason it looks different this time. Not that I really think I’ll be able to tell before October what we’re having, it’s just fun to speculate.

If I actually remember that I’m pregnant, look for another update in a couple of weeks to see if things really do get better.

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