Pregnancy #3 Update – 34 weeks

Well, I feel like we’re officially down to the wire. Wally is coming next month!  I simultaneously feel like this pregnancy has flown by and like I have been pregnant forever. Granted, I’ve been knocked up for 2 1/4 of the last 5 years, so it is kind of like I’ve been pregnant forever. How’re things going?

Well, I’m really tired. Like, really tired. It could be due to the fact that this is a fairly accurate representation of my sleep, as captured by my FitBit Charge.

Sleep Pattern

I wouldn’t really call that restful…

Like I told my sister, it’s not even my heartburn so much this go round like it was with LB and BIT. (Though I may have just jinxed myself.) It’s mainly having to pee every 90 minutes, as well as having to fluff my mountain of pillows to try and alleviate some of the back pain. BUT I can usually fall back asleep pretty quickly after a trip to the bathroom, so it could be worse. And I’m not having a ton of leg cramps, like I have previously, so I’ll take that as another tick in the win column.

Other than being exceedingly tired at this point, I’m feeling pretty good. Weight gain is right at 19-20 lbs, which makes me happy. I’ve got 6 weeks to go and I’d like to keep it to 25-27 lbs total, but I’ve finally gotten to the point in this pregnancy where I’ve let it go a bit. If this is our last family addition, then I guess I should try and live it up my last 6 weeks of pregnancy ever, right?


The other day, within the same hour, I had someone ask me if I was sure I wasn’t having twins as well as someone tell me that I’m all belly and my ass is as tight as ever. (This last comment came from a 91-year old female patient…) I’m trying pretty hard not to let the comments irritate me, which is difficult as I’m fairly irritable at times, but oh well. People feel obligated to say something to a pregnant lady and it’s not necessarily going to be something intelligent or tactful. But I am trying to be kind and reasonably tolerant. We’ll see how well I’m doing at that in another 5 1/2 weeks.

Anyway, that’s a brief rundown on the status of me & Wally. Next week, some work friends are taking me out for baby celebration dinner. I’ve had a few of them ask me what we need and I answer, very honestly, “Diapers and wine.” I did manage to get the onesies out and the crib put back to newborn height, so I’m feeling all set. I’ve just got to sign up for some Similac coupons, rewash the bottles, and get the car seat out of storage and we will be totally ready. Or, as ready as one can be for something as momentous as the arrival of another child. Funny how much less stuff it takes the more you do it…

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