The Dilemma

The girls and I were driving back from Charlotte today when I was caught short by the dilemma.

I had used the restroom prior to leaving on the three hour trip home, in the hopes that I could make it at least 2 hours before I needed to stop and pee. Alas, here we were, 45 minutes into the drive, the girls had just fallen asleep, and I needed to tinkle. Badly.

What was a super pregnant mom to do? Did I wait as long as I possibly could before stopping and getting both girls out to run into a gas station, ruining their nap for the day and ensuring an evening with over-tired, grumpy kids? Did I pull over to some secluded spot on the side of the road and pee next to the car, hoping I could get in and out of the car quickly and quietly enough that nap was not disrupted? Did I reach over and fish out a couple of diapers from the diaper bag and try to pee in a Pampers while driving, so as to preserve the sanctity of the car nap? What to do?!?!? 

I gritted my teeth and waited as long as I could, thinking that if one of the girls woke up then my choice would be made for me. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on one’s point of view), they were having a really, really good car nap today. 30 minutes passed with no signs of their waking up but with a distinct build up of pressure on my bladder. Finally, I made a decision. Something had to be done or I was in danger of disgracing myself.

So somehow, despite being nearly 38 weeks pregnant and huge and unwieldy, I managed to tinkle in a Pampers while driving. Two, actually, as I was worried I would exceed the absorptive capacity of one.

I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt when I was done and my bladder was empty and I had managed not to actually get any pee on myself. AND the girls slept through the whole thing and continued to nap for another 30 minutes!

These crazy ninja mom skills sure are going to come in handy once we have three kids!

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