Pregnancy #3 Update – 38 weeks

*This will be a super short update, as I’m very, very pregnant and very, very tired.*

Well, I’ve officially made it to full term. Wally can supposedly come any day now, though I find it highly unlikely that will happen. We’ve ventured into the arena of weekly doctor visits, complete with checks for any sort of progress towards labor. And as I jokingly told the DreadBrewer, my uterus is like Alcatraz. Nobody is getting out any time soon. I have been having Braxton Hicks like crazy but no real contractions and no other real signs of impending labor.

And most days I am very, very okay with that. When I have a really long, really tiring day at work, I am a little less averse to the thought of going into labor and starting maternity leave. Though I know just how much work newborns are and I am certainly not deluding myself that maternity leave will be a “vacation” or a “break” as some people at work have referred to it.

Weight gain has stayed steady for the last few weeks. As of this morning, I’ve put on 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I doubt that I can pack on more than 4 or 5 pounds in the next two weeks, even if I start eating with wild abandon (which I can’t do due to extreme lack of stomach space), so I feel pretty happy with how that went for this pregnancy. I feel like I look enormous, but I’m pretty sure it’s all in the belly area.

Officially huge

Officially huge

I’m sure I’ll feel even huge-er by the time 40 weeks hits. I am down to 2 pairs of maternity scrub pants that don’t leave an angry welt across the Wally bump, neither of which are regulation colors at my job but I’ve got two weeks to go and I’ll be darned if I’m going to buy new pants at this point in the game.

Other than feeling huge and unwieldy, things are going fairly well with pregnancy #3. I’m exhausted and I’ve got swollen feet and I’m short tempered, so yep. I’m extremely pregnant. I am trying to enjoy (as much as I can) these last few days/weeks, given that this will most likely (99.999999% positive) be my last pregnancy. But it is hard some days to remember that and not just focus on the parts of me that hurt.

As for getting physically ready (i.e. bottles, etc), all we have left to do is put the car seat in the car. Crib, bottles, diapers, and formula are all ready to go. I guess at this point, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. And I am starting to get a little anxious to meet Wally and find out if he or she is a he or a she. So, come on labor!

1 thought on “Pregnancy #3 Update – 38 weeks

  1. You look great!! I can’t wait to see if you add a boy to the mix or if the Dread Brewer will be seriously outnumbered, hoping for a smooth delivery when the day comes!

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