The Problem With Bunk Beds…

… is that if the child on the top gets sick and tries, like most people would, to vomit to the side of their bed, then the bed on the bottom gets splattered with vomit as well. 

And as a direct consequence of having to wash TWO beds worth of sheets, I think we’ve single handedly worsened the drought in North Carolina. 

Add in the additional laundry we had to do after the Littlest Brewster then managed to throw up in her sleeping bag, on three different pillows, and on the carpet and our water consumption was pretty high today. 

But you also can’t forget the bath she had to take to get the yuck out of her hair and the showers DB and I had to take because we both smelled like throw up after the clean up operation. And all dishes and cups and everything we had to wash to hopefully keep anyone else from catching the sick.  

And then the SECOND round of sheet washing because LB was so worn out that she had an accident at nap time, something she hasn’t done ever

And then the second bath when BIT decided it would be fun to get out of her bed this evening and go put on lots and lots of Mommy’s toiletries while I was occupied with Itty Bitty. (She walked into IBB’s room grinning like a loon and smelling like coconut, which isn’t usual for her, so I investigated. She had used it all: coconut face oil, body lotion, detangler… She was so greasy and fragrant it was unbelievable. I then burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and lost all credibility.) 

All I can say is thank God the DreadBrewer was home to help me. And apologize to Mother Nature for worsening the drought. And rejoice that our fridge is well stocked with beer. 

2 thoughts on “The Problem With Bunk Beds…

  1. Oh God. I think your awful puke story rivals my awful puke story (the one where the baby puked on the dog, who proceeded to shake it off all over my living room).

    Parenthood is not for the weak.

    Stay strong, my friend. Here’s hoping the rest of the family stays healthy!

    • That story definitely takes the cake! I think moms come with an extra gene that makes them impervious to the grossness of vomit so that we can take soldier on when things get gross.

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