The Ordeal Continues

The Itty Bitty Brewster’s ordeal of the funky belly button continues.

We had our follow up on Wednesday, to assess how her granuloma was doing after the doctor aggressively burned it with silver nitrate the previous Monday. Now as I understood it from our first visit with the pediatric surgeon, if the granuloma responded to the silver nitrate by decreasing in size, we would continue that route and burn it again. However, if the granuloma either stayed the same or grew, we would be facing an in-office excision.

So I was pretty excited that IBB’s super outie outie had shrunk considerably.


See? Way smaller!

I mean, it’s still sticking out there but it’s not nearly as big as it was. In case you forgot, this is what it looked like last week:


I was pretty convinced that we would be having another round of silver nitrate and be sent on our way.

So I was a little surprised when the doctor looked at it and said that he thought we should go ahead with the excision and just take care of it. But I trust his judgement and agreed with the plan.

Having had injections of lidocaine myself, I knew that the most painful part of the whole process would be numbing her belly button prior to removing the granuloma. I was pleased then, when the nurse came in and smeared some EMLA cream on it to pre-numb the area for numbing.


EMLA cream takes about an hour to really work and deaden the feeling, but the 15 minutes they let it set probably helped some. And even with some feeling still in the area, IBB was a total champ and only let out one brief shriek while the doc was numbing the area. And then she totally recovered and was cooing and smiling at him while he snipped and sutured. At one point, she actually reached out and grabbed the suture needle, causing a brief panic and some very delicate detangling operations. Luckily, she managed to grasp it just perfectly and had the curved needle nestled around her fingers, avoiding a needle stick. Future surgeon, perhaps?

The doctor saved the granuloma and is sending it off to pathology, to make sure that it is pure granulation tissue and not urachus. (I tell you, this urachus thing seems to cause no end of trouble!) We should hear in a few days one way or the other. Again, though, he said that it was extremely, extremely unlikely that this was due to a patent urachus but if it were, we would probably be looking at surgery under general anesthesia to clear things up once and for all.

Itty Bitty got a little gauze and paper tape and we were sent on our way, no follow up needed unless I have concerns about how it’s healing. Oh, and no tub baths for a whole week! 😦 But if it keeps the granuloma from recurring, we can make do with sponge baths for a few days.

Yesterday I took the gauze off and the super outie outie is merely a tiny outie now. img_1591The doc has smushed on IBB’s tummy quite a bit and says that she will indeed always have an outie belly button, so this may be as good as it gets. Now we just have to hope that the excision heals without forming a new granuloma and that the pathology comes back totally benign. The ordeal continues but hopefully not for long!

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