Peas, Please!

This year, DB and I planted three cultivars of peas in what was supposed to be a “pea showdown.” We planted 1/2 bed each of Mr. Big and Lincoln, as well as a whole bed of Wando. We were hoping that one of the cultivars would essentially kick the crap out of the other two and we could stop buying three kinds of peas every year.

Alas, this has not proven to be the case.

The Mr. Big peas had a lower volume of pea pods than the other two but the peas were much larger. We are planning on trying these again in the fall to see if they can be our “fall cultivar.”

The Lincoln peas were consistent producers of high quality peas on smaller plants. But, the plants did seem to suffer more from the heat than the Wandos. They flopped over and looked terribly pitiful once the temps reached 85 or so.

The Wando peas were slower to develop but grew tall, upright, more heat resistant plants that produced quality peas. This provided a nice complement to the earlier producing Mr. Big and Lincoln bed.

So as you can see, we are still faced with the same dilemma as we were pre-2017 garden season.

On the bright side, we have about a billion peas.

Deliciousness in a tiny package

The girls have gotten to be pea shelling champs

Shelling is definitely a family affair with as many peas as we’ve been getting

Itty Bitty is helping me make a quiche with fresh peas

Imagine this, x 5. That’s how many peas we’ve gotten.

Problem that is not really a problem, the girls have a tendency to eat as many peas as they put in the bucket as they shell them. I figure we lose 1 in 3 or 4 peas to kid-consumption, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay for the help. Shelling is also much more enjoyable while vegging out in front of some British murder mysteries with a tasty adult beverage.

We’ve frozen a pound or so of peas, have about a pound in the fridge, and have eaten the rest. I think we’ve got one more big harvest before we cut them low and let them rot in place as green manure.

Looks like we’ll continue buying three types of peas every year. Hopefully our “tomato showdown” will be more successful in whittling our our 16 types of tomatoes down to a more manageable 8 or 10.

Though that still sounds like madness when I type that out.

Welcome to gardening life with the DreadBrewer.

2 thoughts on “Peas, Please!

  1. I grow Little Marvel…doesn’t require much support, has nice sized peas and are early so I can follow them with a variety of other crops. I grew Early Frosty for the first time this year…not impressed so far, but no peas to judge yet.

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