It’s actually kind of funny, when you think about it

So, super embarrassing confession here –

I spent quite a bit of time getting myself all mentally prepped and ready to have all 3 girls home yesterday for MLK day, and a decent amount of money equipping myself with snacks and crafts and a ton of herbal tea meant to take the place of beer. I even lined up our neighbor to come sit on the couch during nap time so I could go for a sanity-saving run midday.

And I made it. I survived.

The girls and I actually had a reasonably good day, with minimal yelling and only a few epic melt downs (none of which were mine, I might add).

I was feeling pretty good about myself for having rocked the Mom thing so well when I was catching up on some emails today and read one about collecting canned goods at school. With a general collection cut off of Monday morning at 9:30.

Wait, what?

Monday at 9:30? Weren’t they closed for MLK day like daycare? I know I wrote that down in my calendar.

So I go back and check the school website and sure enough, there was school yesterday. 

What. The. Heck.

At first I almost didn’t tell anyone because I was so embarrassed but then I figured that this was funny enough that I had to share it. Because what do we live for if not to poke fun at ourselves for general amusement?

On the bright side, total mommy win – I lasted all the way until 4:46 before I had a beer. Where’s my gold medal for that? 😉

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