Angry Music

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started listening to contemporary Christian music. Which is surprising since I had always rolled my eyes and made gagging faces at it previously but hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways, right? What used to make me uncomfortable now helps put me in the right frame of mind to face the day.

Most mornings, the girls and I listen to Kids Pandora in the car on the way to school. I don’t really mind as I can rock out to some Disney. The girls know by now that you don’t interrupt Mommy while she is singing Disney songs. It can wait.

But on days that I have a particularly frustrating morning trying to herd everyone out the door on time, I like to listen to God songs, at least until we get to daycare and drop IBB off, as that seems to be just enough to get me back in a better state of mind. Once equanimity is restored, back to Caspar Babypants and Veggietales and Disney we go.

The other morning, we had had a reasonably good morning (meaning I hadn’t yelled at anyone yet) but I still felt like listening to God songs in the car. We’re about two songs in when BIT says in her most apologetic, sad, tiny little girl voice, “Mommy, I’m sorry we were bad.”

Surprised, I said, “You weren’t bad, buddy! I thought we had a good morning!”

To which BIT replies, “Then why are you listening to your angry music?”