C25K Progress – Version 2

chHere’s a place where I can post my progress making it through the Couch-to-5K training app, as well as any thoughts or problems or whatnot I encounter along the way. It’s a 9 week training plan, which I should definitely be able to finish before the Commitment Day 5K on 1/1/16. Fingers crossed I manage to get over my hatred of cold weather exercise and find my running mojo again!

Week 1:
Workout 1 – completed 10/19/15; it felt like a few steps back to start at the beginning of the plan but I figure it’s better to get a solid foundation and hopefully avoid burnout/injury
Workout 2 – completed 10/20/15
Workout 3 – completed 10/22/15; I honestly only did today in preparation for the food fest I’m planning with LB at the nc state fair. But whatever gets me running!

Week 2:
Workout 1 – completed 10/23/15; DB took the girls to daycare this morning so I could run at home rather than at the gym. It was nice to do an outside workout but it was cold! And I know this is just the beginning of the cold! 😦
Workout 2 – completed 10/25/15; Because when the power’s out and you can’t make coffee, a workout is the 2nd best way to get going for the day.

Week 3:
Workout 1 – completed 11/2/15; Technically I should have done workout 3 for week 2, but it had been soooo long since I ran that I felt really behind. (Darn you, rain and cold and early working hours!) Even though I “skipped” a workout and have had a harder time, this one felt really good.
Workout 2 – completed 11/4/15
Workout 3 – completed 11/7/15; Even though it wasn’t the official C25K Week 3 Workout 3, I’m counting today’s LUNGe Forward 5K as the official workout.