Meet the BeerCats

We have five BeerCats here at BCB:

Mo is the oldest and quietest. She’s definitely at the bottom of the kitty totem pole. We do our best to protect her, and she can deliver some pretty strong whacks of her own, but the other kitties have a tendency to pick on her. She also has the loudest and longest acting purr mechanism of any cat I’ve ever cared for. Pet her and she’ll purr for hours.




Maxine is our other girl cat. She’s not big on getting pets but thinks that keeping an eye on DB at night is her primary responsibility. Wherever he’s sleeping, she will be nearby to watch over him. She also loves to cram herself into small spaces of any sort – bags, boxes, infant tubs, baskets. I once accidently closed her in one of LB’s drawers for an hour because I had no idea she had stuffed herself in there. (She was fine when I let her out.)




Blinks is our youngest, biggest BeerCat. He’s part Maine Coon – as evidenced by the huge size and polydactyly – and is the biggest scaredy cat ever. He’s quick to try and intimidate the other cats (especially after having his claws trimmed – like he’s making up for the momentary weakness of being handled by humans) but show him a plastic grocery bag and he’s gone and hiding before you know it.




Ethan is our original BeerCat and definitely the favorite. (Are you allowed to have favorite pets? I know you’re not supposed to have favorite children…) He essentially sticks to me and DB like white on rice. Since more often than not one of us has LB with us, that means he sticks to her like white on rice as well. He absolutely loves human food and will eat anything he can steal off your plate despite the fact that, more often than not, he promptly urps it all back up.



Snotter is our BeerCat in memorium. She was DB’s very special cat, the one cat that you might be lucky enough to care for in your lifetime who is absolutely unbelievably awesome, and she passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. We have named many beers for many cats, but we still haven’t brewed a beer worthy of being called hers.




Some of our favorite photos of the BeerCats

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