People You Should Know

Here are some photos and descriptions of people I will write about with regularity…

DreadBrewer and the BrewsterMama

The DreadBrewer (DB) is my husband and absolute best friend. He single handedly introduced me to almost all of my favorite things – British television, reggae, and brewing. Obviously the man has fabulous taste – he married me, didn’t he?

July.10.14.2Our two daughters: the Littlest Brewster (LB) was born in Dec 2011. She’s a handful, to say the least. And the Brewster-In-Training (BIT) made her debut in June 2014.

John & Jessie

Jessie, my sister and one of the best friends a girl could have, and John, her awesome husband, live out in Oregon – not called Beervana for nothing! John is a homebrewer as well – although he makes mead and cider, but we won’t hold that against him… We don’t get to see them nearly enough due to the distance but we always have a wonderful time (and drink way too much beer) when we do get together.

Brewing with John less than two weeks after LB’s arrival!

Trouble in such cute packages!

Trouble in such cute packages!

Adrian and Cecilia, Jessie & John’s twins, were born in November 2012. It’s definitely been eye-opening to see the differences between parenting one infant and parenting two infants at a time!

Mike and Sarah

Mike, Sarah, & Alex

Mike and Sarah, my brother and sister-in-law, live much closer to us than Jessie and John. With the general craziness of life, we still don’t get to see them and their adorable sons Alex (born May 2012) and Ben (born November 2013) nearly often enough.

So cute! So tiny!

So cute! So tiny!

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