Angry Music

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started listening to contemporary Christian music. Which is surprising since I had always rolled my eyes and made gagging faces at it previously but hey, the Lord works in mysterious ways, right? What used to make me uncomfortable now helps put me in the right frame of mind to face the day.

Most mornings, the girls and I listen to Kids Pandora in the car on the way to school. I don’t really mind as I can rock out to some Disney. The girls know by now that you don’t interrupt Mommy while she is singing Disney songs. It can wait.

But on days that I have a particularly frustrating morning trying to herd everyone out the door on time, I like to listen to God songs, at least until we get to daycare and drop IBB off, as that seems to be just enough to get me back in a better state of mind. Once equanimity is restored, back to Caspar Babypants and Veggietales and Disney we go.

The other morning, we had had a reasonably good morning (meaning I hadn’t yelled at anyone yet) but I still felt like listening to God songs in the car. We’re about two songs in when BIT says in her most apologetic, sad, tiny little girl voice, “Mommy, I’m sorry we were bad.”

Surprised, I said, “You weren’t bad, buddy! I thought we had a good morning!”

To which BIT replies, “Then why are you listening to your angry music?”

LUNGe Forward 2017

Hey there! I am still alive, even if you have seen neither hide nor hair of me in many, many months. Turns out free time is a fond and distant memory and updating the blog is one of many things to fall by the wayside since Itty Bitty joined the family. I do have every intention of doing a giant update sometime soon, but we all know that “sometime soon” may actually translate out to “in a few weeks.” Better late than never though, right?

I did want to get a quick update out there about the 2017 LUNGe Forward that I did with LB and BIT this past weekend. 🙂 I totally dropped the ball this year and did absolutely nothing in terms of fundraising or team recruitment and I feel very guilty about it. Somehow, I ended up being the team captain for my company’s AHA HeartWalk team and that has taken up a lot of my spare time over the last two months and, unfortunately, my LUNGe Forward participation suffered. But next year, oh next year is going to be a big year, I promise! It’ll be the 5th anniversary of doing the run in honor of Mom and I have every intention of making it huge.

This was the second year since they moved the run to September from November and it was so hot!!! And the course was really hilly. And I had the two big girls in the double stroller. And they had a free beer tent. (Which wasn’t crowded at all! What is wrong with these people that they didn’t want free beer?!?!) All of which is to say that I was not nearly as fast as I would have liked, finishing the course in about 40 minutes. But I finished!

This is a link to my participant site: It’s not too late to make a donation if anyone is so inclined, though no worries if you can’t this year. I’ll be hitting all of you up next year for the big anniversary run.

Anyway, here are some pics from the day. The girls and I had a great time running for their Grammy in heaven. 🙂


The Problem With Bunk Beds…

… is that if the child on the top gets sick and tries, like most people would, to vomit to the side of their bed, then the bed on the bottom gets splattered with vomit as well. 

And as a direct consequence of having to wash TWO beds worth of sheets, I think we’ve single handedly worsened the drought in North Carolina. 

Add in the additional laundry we had to do after the Littlest Brewster then managed to throw up in her sleeping bag, on three different pillows, and on the carpet and our water consumption was pretty high today. 

But you also can’t forget the bath she had to take to get the yuck out of her hair and the showers DB and I had to take because we both smelled like throw up after the clean up operation. And all dishes and cups and everything we had to wash to hopefully keep anyone else from catching the sick.  

And then the SECOND round of sheet washing because LB was so worn out that she had an accident at nap time, something she hasn’t done ever

And then the second bath when BIT decided it would be fun to get out of her bed this evening and go put on lots and lots of Mommy’s toiletries while I was occupied with Itty Bitty. (She walked into IBB’s room grinning like a loon and smelling like coconut, which isn’t usual for her, so I investigated. She had used it all: coconut face oil, body lotion, detangler… She was so greasy and fragrant it was unbelievable. I then burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and lost all credibility.) 

All I can say is thank God the DreadBrewer was home to help me. And apologize to Mother Nature for worsening the drought. And rejoice that our fridge is well stocked with beer. 

LB and BIT Garden Photo Dump

I warn you – there is some cuteness overload about to be unleashed but I realized I had all these good pictures of LB and BIT in the garden and wanted to share them. I need to do a proper garden update soon (and I will, I promise!) but these were too fun not to share right away.


Daddy requires close supervision while in the garden. I love her “official” supervisory pose.


This calls for two supervisors. Obviously a very delicate operation.


We actually got slightly more peas in the bowl than on the floor, which I consider a definite win.


World’s largest cabbage. Well,   OUR largest cabbage.


First green bean harvest of the year – BIT was very happy as these are her favorite vegetable.


Going for a ride.


Having fun playing around.

Okay, that’s all the cute garden pics I have of the girls for now. Not quite as many as I had thought but still enough to make me smile for the day. 🙂