LB’s first trip to the dentist

Yesterday was another exciting milestone for the Littlest Brewster: her first visit to the dentist!

I had actually put LB on my dental insurance over a year ago but had somehow never managed to make her an appointment for her first cleaning. This was mainly due to not knowing whether we should take her to a pediatric dentist or just a general dentist. Our dentist assured me that they were more than capable of caring for small kids but I ultimately decided that we’d probably have a better experience with someone who deals only with little ones (This may or may not have been influenced by my dad admitting to me that his philosophy as a general dentist when dealing with kids was, “Be quiet and open your mouth.”) After getting a recommendation from our pediatrician, I called to set up an appointment.

And was told that they only have one new patient appointment a day and that the next one that worked for both our schedules wasn’t until February 11th. (I called in October.)

Well, the big day finally rolled around and LB was very excited. We had made a point of talking up how fun it was going to be, so I think there was very little apprehension. I had briefly toyed with the idea of getting a book or two about going to the dentist but never got around to picking one out on Amazon decided against it.

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera to the dentist so I don’t have any pictures of the momentous occasion. But take my word for it – she did awesome!

The whole office was decorated as a jungle, with a bajillion stuffed animals around for the kids to climb on and play with and generally harass. And of course, each chair had a tiltable TV over it with a redonculous selection of movies. So LB got settled in with a stuffed tiger on her lap and Frozen playing above her and she was good to go. She got a little squirmy when they were scraping some plaque off her teeth but tolerated the polishing and flossing really well.

I did have to play the “You can stay home from daycare all day with Mommy” card to get her to sit really, really still for X-rays. But since I had planned on keeping her home with me anyway, it wasn’t really a surprise reward.  (But she didn’t know that. Bwahahaha.)

LB got a generally clean bill of dental health. There is one spot on the surface of a molar that they said we need to pay careful attention to, as it’s a little stained. And the x-ray of her front teeth showed that she cracked the root of one when she feel and busted her teeth against the toilet 4 or so months ago. But that doesn’t require any follow up other than a repeat x-ray in a year, so no big deal.

I was very proud of her for doing so well. I’m really, really hoping that we can set her up for a lifetime of good dental hygiene and keep her from developing the fear of dentists that seems to run rampant. (I’m one to talk. I love getting my teeth cleaned but cried – a lot – when I had to get my very first filling ever in January.)

Now all that’s left is figuring out how to file with the dental insurance for reimbursement, since the dental office doesn’t do it for you. Hopefully it’s easier and faster than getting in to see the dentist was. 🙂