Big weekend for the Littlest Brewster

It’s been a big couple of days for the Littlest Brewster and her mouth! When I picked her up from school on Friday, the poor thing had gotten into a fight with the monkey bars and definitely come out on the losing side.

She was pretty tough about the whole thing after the fact, though I wasn’t there to see how much she cried when it happened. This is the second or third fat lip she’s gotten at school, which isn’t surprising given how hard the Littlest Brewster plays. We usually just take a close up of the area and text my dad (a retired dentist) to see whether a trip to the girls’ dentist is warranted. So far we’ve managed to avoid any stitches or anything more invasive than an extra x-ray. Fingers crossed the trend continues…

And then, on Saturday, the Littlest Brewster lost her first tooth!!!! 😀

I was actually surprised at how long it took for her tooth to get loose enough to pull – nearly 3 weeks! (It probably could have come out sooner but I was kind of chicken when it came to pulling it. I didn’t want her first loose tooth experience to be totally traumatic and scar everyone for life, myself included.) So last night, she let me wiggle it a little bit more aggressively and I could feel the root sort of crack. We stopped but LB assured me it didn’t hurt, just startled her. So we did it again. And again. And finally on, like, the 4th wiggle, I managed to get her tooth out.

And she is so excited, even today. She’s insisting we call her “One Tooth” and keeps coming up and baring her teeth at me in what looks like a rictus of pain but I assume is meant to be a smile.

On a super cool note, DB asked her what the Tooth Fairy did with her tooth and all the other kids’ teeth and LB told us that she turns them into stars. I thought that was the coolest theory I’ve heard and certainly beats any ideas I may have had.

I’m a lot less nervous about the next 59 teeth we have to get through for all 3 girls now that we’ve had one successful, non-traumatic tooth pulling. Hopefully they all go this smoothly.

And the night sky will be that much brighter. 🙂

LUNGe Forward 2017

Hey there! I am still alive, even if you have seen neither hide nor hair of me in many, many months. Turns out free time is a fond and distant memory and updating the blog is one of many things to fall by the wayside since Itty Bitty joined the family. I do have every intention of doing a giant update sometime soon, but we all know that “sometime soon” may actually translate out to “in a few weeks.” Better late than never though, right?

I did want to get a quick update out there about the 2017 LUNGe Forward that I did with LB and BIT this past weekend. 🙂 I totally dropped the ball this year and did absolutely nothing in terms of fundraising or team recruitment and I feel very guilty about it. Somehow, I ended up being the team captain for my company’s AHA HeartWalk team and that has taken up a lot of my spare time over the last two months and, unfortunately, my LUNGe Forward participation suffered. But next year, oh next year is going to be a big year, I promise! It’ll be the 5th anniversary of doing the run in honor of Mom and I have every intention of making it huge.

This was the second year since they moved the run to September from November and it was so hot!!! And the course was really hilly. And I had the two big girls in the double stroller. And they had a free beer tent. (Which wasn’t crowded at all! What is wrong with these people that they didn’t want free beer?!?!) All of which is to say that I was not nearly as fast as I would have liked, finishing the course in about 40 minutes. But I finished!

This is a link to my participant site: It’s not too late to make a donation if anyone is so inclined, though no worries if you can’t this year. I’ll be hitting all of you up next year for the big anniversary run.

Anyway, here are some pics from the day. The girls and I had a great time running for their Grammy in heaven. 🙂


The Problem With Bunk Beds…

… is that if the child on the top gets sick and tries, like most people would, to vomit to the side of their bed, then the bed on the bottom gets splattered with vomit as well. 

And as a direct consequence of having to wash TWO beds worth of sheets, I think we’ve single handedly worsened the drought in North Carolina. 

Add in the additional laundry we had to do after the Littlest Brewster then managed to throw up in her sleeping bag, on three different pillows, and on the carpet and our water consumption was pretty high today. 

But you also can’t forget the bath she had to take to get the yuck out of her hair and the showers DB and I had to take because we both smelled like throw up after the clean up operation. And all dishes and cups and everything we had to wash to hopefully keep anyone else from catching the sick.  

And then the SECOND round of sheet washing because LB was so worn out that she had an accident at nap time, something she hasn’t done ever

And then the second bath when BIT decided it would be fun to get out of her bed this evening and go put on lots and lots of Mommy’s toiletries while I was occupied with Itty Bitty. (She walked into IBB’s room grinning like a loon and smelling like coconut, which isn’t usual for her, so I investigated. She had used it all: coconut face oil, body lotion, detangler… She was so greasy and fragrant it was unbelievable. I then burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and lost all credibility.) 

All I can say is thank God the DreadBrewer was home to help me. And apologize to Mother Nature for worsening the drought. And rejoice that our fridge is well stocked with beer. 

LB and BIT Garden Photo Dump

I warn you – there is some cuteness overload about to be unleashed but I realized I had all these good pictures of LB and BIT in the garden and wanted to share them. I need to do a proper garden update soon (and I will, I promise!) but these were too fun not to share right away.


Daddy requires close supervision while in the garden. I love her “official” supervisory pose.


This calls for two supervisors. Obviously a very delicate operation.


We actually got slightly more peas in the bowl than on the floor, which I consider a definite win.


World’s largest cabbage. Well,   OUR largest cabbage.


First green bean harvest of the year – BIT was very happy as these are her favorite vegetable.


Going for a ride.


Having fun playing around.

Okay, that’s all the cute garden pics I have of the girls for now. Not quite as many as I had thought but still enough to make me smile for the day. 🙂

Why is sleep SO HARD?!?

It seems like it should be straightforward. Simple. Easy, even.

Child is tired. Child goes to bed. Child sleeps for a reasonable amount of time, while parent does the same. Both wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Somehow, this simple formula for generalized happiness and feelings of well-being has been seriously derailed in our house over the past 6 months.

And no – I’m not exaggerating – 6 months have we been dealing with sleep issues.

First, it was BIT. Daylight savings time – waaaaay back last October or November – threw us for a serious loop and she started waking up for the day at 4:00 am. Now, I’m a morning person. I love the early morning and often prefer to get up at an hour that seems unreasonable to anyone but me. But 4:00 is just entirely too early to start the day. For months we tried different things to help BIT sleep until at least 5:30. Earlier bedtime, later bedtime, telling her it wasn’t time to wake up, ignoring her – nothing helped. Like clockwork, 4:00 would roll around and she would start her nonstop litany from her crib.

“Mommy get me. Mommy open door. Mommy I go downstairs!!!!”

And as we learned that nothing we did made a difference and that we may as well just lie in bed and doze through it as best we could, BIT’s vocabulary got more advanced and she would start expanding her demands.

“Mommy come get me. Daddy come get me. Ethan come get me! I go downstairs with Mommy! Get me out of crib!”

We harbored a secret hope that when daylight savings time rolled around again, it would magically fix the problem it started oh so long ago. We both knew, however, that that was probably a slim chance. And sure enough – no improvement. Well, BIT slept in marginally later for about two days before she was back to the usual routine. The DreadBrewer and I had all but resigned ourselves to never actually sleeping past 4:00 again – ever – when the magical happened and BIT suddenly started sleeping later, all on her own. Now don’t misunderstand me and think that I’m talking about sleeping until 7:00 or some other amazing hour. Any day that BIT sleeps until 5:30 is a magical day that deserves a gold star, but I consider that a totally reasonable hour for us all to get up since we have to be out the door for preschool and work by 6:30.

Alas sleep had just resumed it’s easy, straightforward routine in our house when disaster struck again. This time, disaster came in the form of our the Littlest Brewster’s first very bad dream and the subsequent fall out thereof.

One night, LB woke up shrieking blood curdling screams and shaking like a leaf in her bed, having had her very first, very bad dream. We let her get in bed with us for a little bit but, as she sleeps like a starfish with a violent tic, we soon had to transfer her back to her bed. And of course, within an hour, she was awake and shrieking again, needing reassurance that everything was all right and we were just across the hall.

And nearly every night since then, she has woken up at least once a night shrieking for us to come in and reassure her about some stupid (to us), totally legitimate (to her) problem.

“I can’t find my Gidhra doll!” (It’s touching your back, kid. Roll over.)

“I heard a noise in the hallway!” (It’s Ethan, scratching the carpet.)

“I don’t like it when my window is half light and half dark!” (It’s the street light, there’s nothing we can do about it.)

Well, last night took the cake. Seriously. I don’t think that I have passed as miserable a night – EVER – in my entire history of parenting. Even as babies, my kids slept better than the Littlest Brewster did last night. And naturally, this is when the DreadBrewer happens to be out of town and I am flying solo.

It actually started yesterday morning, when LB started hollering around 4:00 to come get in bed and cuddle. The rule is you don’t get in Mommy and Daddy’s bed until at least 5:00 for cuddles, because we all know no one sleeps with a squirmy toddler in the bed. I told her she had to wait, which prompted crying, which woke up BIT and prompted her to start crying, so everyone was up by 4:30ish.

So last night, I took the digital clock in LB’s room and we talked – at length – about how you don’t get to come in Mommy’s bed for cuddles until the first number is a 5. It doesn’t matter what the other numbers are, the first number had to be a 5. And LB understood. She told me what the number was then, what it needed to be, what could happen when it became a 5. All was well. Or so I thought.

The longest that the Littlest Brewster slept – all night – without waking up and shrieking “Is it time for cuddles yet!??!?!?!?!?!?” was an hour and fifteen minutes. The shortest interval between outbursts was 7 minutes. From 10:00 until 4:45 when I finally just gave in out of desperation and let her get in bed with me because I didn’t want her to wake up BIT yet.

I am so tired. And so grumpy. And so disheartened.

Because what kind of parent storms into their child’s room in the middle of the night and tells them to stop shrieking because I am done with this nonsense and I don’t care what happens I am not coming back in? What kind of parent wishes that it were possible for a 4 year old to understand the nuances of grudge holding so that she could understand just how seriously pissed off I am?

I don’t know what the heck is going on with LB right now. Her middle of the night separation anxiety is so completely unlike her and so new that neither DB nor I has any clue how to handle it. I know that I can’t keep going into her room every hour or two to calm her down. I can’t. DB can’t.

But ignoring it makes me feel like an even shittier parent than stomping in there and being angry.

And those are crappy choices to have to make. Keep going in – over and over – until I completely lose my schmidt and say something awful that I will regret forever (even if she doesn’t remember it 5 minutes from now) or ignore it and let her freak out until she realizes that she needs to figure out another way to handle waking up during the night.

Seriously, though – why is sleep so hard?