LB and BIT Garden Photo Dump

I warn you – there is some cuteness overload about to be unleashed but I realized I had all these good pictures of LB and BIT in the garden and wanted to share them. I need to do a proper garden update soon (and I will, I promise!) but these were too fun not to share right away.


Daddy requires close supervision while in the garden. I love her “official” supervisory pose.


This calls for two supervisors. Obviously a very delicate operation.


We actually got slightly more peas in the bowl than on the floor, which I consider a definite win.


World’s largest cabbage. Well,   OUR largest cabbage.


First green bean harvest of the year – BIT was very happy as these are her favorite vegetable.


Going for a ride.


Having fun playing around.

Okay, that’s all the cute garden pics I have of the girls for now. Not quite as many as I had thought but still enough to make me smile for the day. 🙂

The Lost Month

Wow – the last month seriously just came and went and nary a thought was posted.

In my defense, we have been having serious issues with our internet service – again – and it’s been incredibly difficult to get online. Also in my defense, there are only two periods of the day (from 5-5:45 am and 8-9:15 pm) that I am neither working nor spending family time with the girls and I don’t always want to spend those precious 2 hours in front of a computer.

But I miss putting things out here for you guys to read. And I like to tell myself that you guys miss getting posts.

So I’m going to commit to getting two posts out a week, because I think that is a doable goal and Heaven knows I can’t get anything done without a definite – and public – goal.

First up, what happened to us over the last, lost month?

Lost Month

First was the coolest. bug. ever. Look for a post on our friend the Eastern Hercules Beetle in a few days!

Lost Month (1)

LB got to see her first real live rainbow.

Lost Month (2)

We had a whirlwind trip to Connecticut for our friends’ wedding. (62 hour trip: 24 hrs driving, 16 hrs sleeping, and 12hrs of actual “vacation”) Don’t we look like one of us is running for senate?

Lost Month (3)

DB was best man for the Littlest Brewster’s “Junky Joey”

Lost Month (5)

There was a great deal of silliness involving feeding each other green beans…

Lost Month (7)

And some serious lawn mowing

Lost Month (8)

We harvested the garlic – and didn’t ruin it like we did last year!

Lost Month (9)

Indoor picnics make days home with sick kids much more palatable

Lost Month (10)

DB’s new favorite thing is reading on the porch with the girls. They seem to dig it, too.

Lost Month (11)

Semi-nekkid painting! It’s all washable, right?

Lost Month (12)

DB and his small blonde shadow harvesting peppers

Lost Month (13)

Naturally, there was plenty of silliness out and about.

Lost Month (14)

And we had a big day at church when the girls were officially dedicated. (Look for a post on that soon, too.)

All in all, it was a great month, albeit an incredibly busy one. But I’m looking forward to (hopefully) having our internet issues sorted and making an effort to update here more regularly. Coming soon: our buddy, the beetle; Dedication Day at church; an epic garden update; and how goes the quest for health?

Photo Dump, Grown Up Sisterly Love Edition

This weekend with Jessie was so much fun! Here are some quick snaps from the visit…

Jessie Visit 1

Dinner with Auntie Jessie

Jessie Visit 2

Breakfast with Auntie Jessie

Jessie Visit 3

Epic family picnic

Jessie Visit 4

Veggie burgers are delicious

Jessie Visit 5

Almost a complete family photo!

Jessie Visit 6

All gussied up for a night on the town

Jessie Visit 7

Brave Jessie getting a pedicure from a toddler

Jessie Visit 8

Not too shabby

I had a co-worker ask me what we did and I told her, truthfully, “Eat.” We had crepes at Fresca, wings/veggie burgers at BW3, breakfast at Denny’s, lunch at PF Chang’s, a cookout at my house, homemade kung pao shrimp, fancy dinner at a gala for the Lung Cancer Initiative, and homemade smoked salmon alfredo. Oh, and cinnamon rolls. And birthday cake. And Maggie Moo’s. And strawberry rhubarb pie.

All in 3 days.

Needless to say, a post on losing weight is forthcoming Wednesday.

My relationship with Jessie is one of the reasons I was so excited to have another girl. I am so hopeful that LB and BIT have a relationship like I have with my sister. Nothing beats the bonds of siblings.

Who else can you eat that much food with and know that not only will she not judge you, but she’ll actually join you instead?


Where have I been?!?

I have been totally missing in action lately when it comes to the blog! But, in my defense, our desktop computer had a serious power failure. And then our internet was down. And anyone who says that writing blog posts on a tablet or phone is as easy as on a desktop is a lying liar.

And, as generally, happens, life gets in the way. You work and you come home and you make dinner and you bathe little people and you finally have 6 minutes to relax with a glass of wine before collapsing into bed and before you know it, a month has gone by without an update.

So here’s a quick photo rundown of what we’ve been up to this past month:

As you can see, it’s been a busy month. But I’ve really missed blogging, so I’m going to make every effort to stay on top of things. Coming up soonest – BIT’s 9 month update (a little late) and yet, sigh, another effort to get healthy and lose some weight. Oh, and some garden updates because we have lost our minds re: the garden this year…. Stay tuned! And thanks for sticking with me!

Snow Day Photo Dump

We had our first (and hopefully last) snow day of the year this week. The Littlest Brewster was so excited when she saw the snow (sleet and ice, really) and informed me that she was “going to go out in the snow just like Elsa. But without a braid, just a pony. Or a barrette. ”

BIT, on the other hand, was less impressed with the snow and frigid temps, though she was a little happier on our second foray out.


Yes, she is still in her pajamas. It was a PJ kind of day.


Yeah, not so keen on the cold weather


This is AMAZING!


She loved that she could skate along the frozen crust without breaking through


And she only fell down once!


Much happier with this trip outside

So now we can check off that box for the year and spring can come, right? Bring on the sunshine and heat!