The Wine Glass

Last year, like 2016 last year, Dad and Grandma Kathy forgot my birthday. Like totally forgot. If I remember correctly, we even spoke on the way to work that morning like we do every day and they still didn’t remember.

I was, understandably, a little sad about this. And I was at work and taking care of one of my favorite patients and his wife, whom I also loved dearly, and I told them that Dad and Grandma Kathy forgot my birthday. And that my coworkers had also forgotten. (Though does it really count as “forgetting” if I didn’t remind them ahead of time?) And that I was kind of sad.

And Tammy, the wife, went out and got me a really amazing birthday present that showed just how well they had gotten to know me over the year I had been caring for them. She got me this beautiful stemless wine glass that said “Instant Happy Woman: Just Add Wine.”

And I loved it.

I loved that silly wine glass. It was one of the best presents I had ever gotten and I used it with a frequency that would probably alarm my primary care provider if I ever planned on telling her about it.

And last night Lula was being Lula, which means being a puppy, and she jumped up and knocked it off the arm of the futon with her tail and it shattered.

And I was so, so sad. Because that wine glass wasn’t just a beautiful object to me. It was a physical representation of the lives I touch and the friendships I make and the people who love me. Every single time I used it, I remembered Doug and Tammy and wondered if I had ever let them know I loved them as much as they loved me. Every time, I thought about that birthday and how something beautiful had come out of a day that started with anger and sadness. And yes, I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s true. I like objects that remind me of people and places and days that I love.

But this morning, the Littlest Brewster gave me a present that certainly matches, if not exceeds, my wine glass for being special and precious.

Seeing how sad I was, she had made me a new wine glass.

She even colored it red so that it looked like the old one. (Obviously, I’m a big fan of cabernet…)

And I think that this is quite possibly the best present I have ever gotten.

Especially since Lula can’t break this one.

How to buy wine, BeerCat Brewing style

Given that a completely made up, bullshit, commercialized holiday Valentine’s Day is in 2 days, I know that there are plenty of people out there shopping for wine and flowers to make up for the other 364 days of the crappy treatment affirm their love for their significant others. So I thought I’d clue you all in on how to buy wine, BCB style.

The first thing is to narrow down what kind of wine you want to buy. I’m a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, though if pressed I’ll go with anything in the “red and alcoholic” category.

Go to your trusty grocery store’s wine section and start examining labels and price tags. The whole purpose here is to find the most expensive wine with the biggest discount. For example, this wine is a good place to start:


Oooh, $6 off? That’s almost a 30% discount!

But don’t be suckered into buying the first heavily discounted wine you find. If you spend a little more time hunting, you can usually do better. For example:


This one is 44% off! Much better than ≈30%!

However, keep looking! The goal is to get a bottle of wine as close to $10 and ≥ 50% off as possible.


47% off! I think we may have a winner!

The above wine, with it it’s triple threat of < $10 price, ≈ 50% savings, and cute label (of which I forgot to take a picture), won the day.

But, if you simply can’t find anything that meet the above requirements or you’re unwilling to buy your wine in anything less than 1.5L increments, this is one of our old standbys and a really decent wine for the price.


$9.99 for 1.5L ?!? I love you, Lindeman’s Bin 45!

And there you have it – the BCB guide to buying wine! It can actually turn into a nice, friendly competition between you and your spouse to see who can find the “best” bottle of wine.